Welcome to St. Gregory’s University, a Catholic university in the Benedictine tradition!

The first Benedictine monks who came to Indian Territory from France in 1875 were driven by a desire to serve humanity through education of and ministry to the Native American peoples and other settlers who had moved into the region. As part of this effort, the founding monks built their schools upon the Catholic tradition of excellence in education and the ideals of hospitality, respect, community, learning and service articulated by St. Benedict of Nursia in his Rule for Monasteries some fifteen centuries earlier. In doing so, they planted the seeds for what is today the oldest institution of higher learning in the State of Oklahoma.

Since the arrival of those intrepid pioneers, generations of monks, dedicated members of our faculty and staff, students, and alumni have worked together to develop what has become St. Gregory’s University – an innovative community of higher learning committed to meeting the needs of our students and our rapidly changing world.

In the heart of the St. Gregory’s University mission statement, we affirm that: “St. Gregory’s University promotes the education of the whole person in the context of a Christian community in which students are encouraged to develop a love of learning and to live lives of balance, generosity and integrity.” To accomplish this, we provide an excellent academic and professional formation for all St. Gregory’s students through innovative academic programs that combine a strong emphasis on the liberal arts tradition in our core curriculum with a flexible approach to degree design that includes personalized plans of study, essential “real-world” experiences through internships, and integration of the latest educational technologies.

But we at St. Gregory’s also recognize that academic and professional formation is only part of the formula for truly successful living. We firmly believe a formula for successful living requires the development of a person’s spiritual identity, the ability to form healthy relationships with family and friends and a commitment to serving the community. As a Catholic institution of higher education, St. Gregory’s most important goal is to help students come to know and appreciate the wonder of human life and to a deeper understanding of their own dignity and the dignity of others. This unique perspective influences everything we do.

I hope that this very special place becomes an important part of your personal journey and that you will become a member of the St. Gregory’s community as we work together to accomplish our strategic vision: Building the Kingdom of God through Education in the Catholic and Benedictine Tradition.

Rt. Rev. Lawrence Stasyszen, O.S.B.
Abbot and Chancellor