Benedictine Hall Historic Window Restoration

Help Benedictine Hall's Historic Character

Benedictine Hall has 312 windows. Those on the first floor were installed in 1915 and are in poor repair. The reset were replaced in 1967 with windows incompatible with the building's historic character. All are energy inefficient and must be replaced. 

With a $900 contribution to the Window Restoration Fund, you can buy Benedictine Hall a new window. Pay now, or take up to three years to pay your pledge!

Help St. Gregory's Save Thousands with Energy Conservation

  • The existing historic wood windows loacted on the first floow will be restored to their originial, like-new consition. These windows will be retrofitted with interior high-performance storm glazing to improve energy efficiency while maintaining their historic integrity. 
  • The aluminum storefront windows at the lower level and upper floors will be replaced with compatible, energy-efficient windows that match the appearance, size, design, proportion and profile of the originial historic wood windows.
  • The south arched entry will be restored to its historic signifigance, utilizing a transparent vestibule while returning the original opening to its historic character with wood doors. 

For $900, You Can Purchase a New Window for Benedictine Hall!

  • Your name will be inscribed on a plaque on the inside window sill. 
  • Your name will be inscribed on a plaque in the entryway of Benedictine Hall.
  • Buy a window in honor or memory of a loved one.
  • Buy a window in your family's name or business name.

Examples: The Family of Robert and Virginia Johnson In Memory of Francis and Ann Michaels In Honor of the Monks by the Class of 1962

  • Take up to three years to pay your pledge!

For more information, or to complete your window purchase, please call Alicia Ryan at (405) 878-5420.