The St. Gregory’s University Security Department provides security services to the campus community. Its objective is to provide a safe campus for students, staff, faculty, members of the monastic community and visitors.

Security officers perform a variety of tasks which include security for special events, accident and fire response, parking and traffic enforcement, escort service, entry assistance and stranded motorist assistance.

The Security Department operates at all times and can be reached at (405) 765-8563

Emergency Phone Numbers

Campus Security: (405) 765-8563

Shawnee Fire/Emergency: 9-1-1

Facilities Management: (405) 878-5164

Chemical Spills, Safety, Airborne Contaminants, Etc.: (405) 878-5164

Dean of Students Office: (405) 878-5152

Student Counseling Center: (405) 878-5310

Worker’s Compensation: (405) 878-5416

Poison Control Center (24-Hour Service): (800) 222-1222