Campus Policies

Procedures and Facilities for Reporting Criminal Acts or Emergencies

The St. Gregory’s Security Department is charged by the university with the responsibility for maintaining conditions necessary for a safe and secure learning environment, and strives for a crime-free campus to the fullest extent possible.

Students, faculty, staff, campus guests and others are requested to cooperate fully with campus security and to report any crime or suspicious activity of any nature to the security department. Failure to do so, making a false report or obstructing an investigation may result in sanctions, fines or other disciplinary action by the university.

Security and Access to Campus Facilities

For the safety of its students, faculty, staff and guests, St. Gregory’s University seeks to maintain a closed campus and discourages trespassers. Students, faculty and staff must carry university identification cards at all times and must present them to security officers upon request. While the university strives to maintain adequate evening lighting, individuals are discouraged from walking unaccompanied during the evening and late night hours. A call to the dispatcher for an escort will enhance individual safety.

Campus Law Enforcement

Officers of the Security Department are unarmed and are authorized to stop, question, detain and, if appropriate, to arrest persons engaged in criminal activity, trespassing or for suspicious behavior on or in the vicinity of the campus. In the event of an arrest, the Shawnee Police Department is promptly notified, and the person arrested is turned over to the Shawnee police. The Security Department maintains regular contact with the local, state and federal law enforcement agencies concerning known criminal activity likely to impinge upon the university, its students, faculty, staff or guests

Information Programs about Campus Security Procedures, Practices and Crime Prevention

Several university programs exist to inform students, faculty and staff about campus security. One entire session of the annual student orientation is devoted to security. Rape prevention seminars are offered for all interested campus organizations. At various times during the year, St. Gregory’s University security officers participate in programs to inform individuals of the need to secure their rooms and vehicles and to protect their valuables.

The university maintains continuing contact with local police agencies to monitor and report any criminal activity at off-campus student functions and any off-campus student organizations which are recognized by the university and that engage the participation of students attending the university.

Possession, Use and Sale of Alcoholic Beverages and Illegal Drugs, Enforcement of Underage Drinking and Drug Laws, and Abuse Education Programs

According to established St. Gregory’s University policy, the use, possession or sale of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, firearms or other dangerous weapons on university owned or university controlled property is strictly prohibited. Any student or employee found to be in violation of this policy is subject to university discipline, up to and including suspension or expulsion from the university. In addition, the Security Department cooperates fully with state and federal law enforcement agencies and may refer violations to the applicable authority for prosecution.

St. Gregory’s University provides drug and alcohol abuse education, information and counseling through the counseling center and office of the Dean of Students.

Policies for Reporting and Follow-Up of Sexual Offenses

Sexual offenses are defined as rape, acquaintance rape or other forcible or non-forcible sexual offenses.

Students are encouraged to report all instances of sexual offenses to the Security Department. Incidents of sexual offenses on campus should be made to the St. Gregory’s University Security Department. Sexual offenses committed off-campus by SGU students should be reported to the office of the Dean of Students.

Criminal Charges

Students wishing to press criminal charges for sexual offenses committed against them must report the sexual offense to the proper law enforcement authorities. SGU security personnel, upon request, will assist the student in doing so. It is important that such reports be timely and that every effort be made to preserve necessary evidence.

Campus Disciplinary Proceedings

Disciplinary proceedings, if appropriate, will be imposed by the Dean of Students in accordance with established university policies.

The accuser and the accused are entitled to the same opportunities to have others present during any hearing.

Both the accuser and the accused shall be informed in writing of the outcome of any campus disciplinary proceedings brought about as a result of sexual offenses.

Penalties for students found to have committed sexual offenses shall be consistent with other disciplinary sanctions outlined in the student handbook.

St. Gregory's University Handbook