Emergency Notifications and Warnings

In the event of a campus emergency, St. Gregory’s University may use a variety of tools to communicate to the campus and the public. Depending on the nature of the emergency, SGU may use all or some of the following:

  • Text and Voice Alerts - RAVE Mobile Security emergency alert system is available to all campus faculty, staff and students. You can register your phone to receive a text message and/or voicemail through the SGU website at https://www.getrave.com/login/stgregorys.
  • University Group Email - The University may send “urgent” emails to the entire campus, providing notification and directions during an emergency.
  • Social Media - SGU will use Facebook and other social media tools to provide updates on campus closures or emergency situations.
  • Local Media - The SGU Marketing and Development office works with local media—radio, television and newspapers—to help announce and update campus closures or emergency situations.
  • Alarms are located in all the dorms and most of the rest of the campus. They can be activated by Security in the event of an emergency on campus.
  • Weather Radios - Various offices across campus have weather radios that provide the latest in severe weather information.
  • Calling Trees - Many university departments and organizations have call trees in place to notify their employees and students of an emergency situation.

The SGU Security department and the Vice President of Operations are typically the ones who deliver emergency information to university administration. Upon considering this information, administration develops the messages and activates appropriate communications.
In emergency situations where immediate action is required, SGU Security may activate alarms and employ other tools.

Emergency Preparedness

An emergency can be any crisis including fire, medical, injured person, damaged property or criminal incident that requires immediate action by victims, witnesses and/or emergency responders. While St. Gregory’s is a very safe campus, we recognize that, like any location, we are not immune from emergencies that impact members of our community. This guide is provided to assist all SGU community members and our visitors as a tool to use during those times when information is needed quickly.

Please click here to download the complete guide.

Prior planning is essential. Everyone should be familiar with the facilities they use on campus including fire exits and shelter locations. If emergency situations occur that are not covered by this booklet, call Campus Security 405-878-5392 for assistance. 9-1-1 should always be called first unless you know that your particular emergency requires contact with one of the other numbers listed.

If there is an emergency, the Dean of Student Life and Campus Ministries, department heads and supervisors have the responsibility to assist or give qualified instructions to students, SGU community members and visitors to close doors and to provide other required safety and first aid measures as they are able, unless otherwise directed by campus security and/or other properly identified emergency personnel.

Emergency Phone Numbers
Campus Security: 405-878-5392
Shawnee Fire/Emergency: 9-1-1
Physical Plant: 405-878-5402
Chemical Spills, Safety, Airborne Contaminants, Etc.: 405-878-5402
Dean of Students Office: 405-878-5152
Student Counseling Center: 405-878-5310
Worker’s Compensation: 405-878-5416
Poison Control Center (24-Hour Service): 800-222-1222

Steps to Take in Medical Emergencies

  • Do not move the patient unless his or her life is in danger.
  • Have someone stay with the patient until help arrives.
  • f on campus, call SGU Security. If off campus, call the Shawnee Police Department at 9-1-1. Tell them your name, your exact location and a brief description of the problem. Do not hang up until told to do so.
  • If you are trained and certified in first-aid, provide it.
  • Meet emergency personnel to guide them to the patient, as instructed.

For all other medical services or major medical emergencies, go to the St. Anthony Shawnee Emergency Room, located at 1102 W. MacArthur St. in Shawnee, Okla., or call 273-2270 for further information.