Buckley Team

Prior to 1990, the thought of having a ministry in which college students ministered to the youth of Oklahoma was just a dream for several members of the St. Gregory’s community. In 1990, with the gift of the estate of John and Genevieve Buckley, the Buckley Outreach Team became a reality. Using the funds from this estate to provide scholarships to team members, the university was able to select students who would spend their weekends conducting retreats for youth in central Oklahoma.

The team has grown since those early days in 1990 and with the continued enthusiasm of the members and the growing support of youth ministers and directors of religious education, the team looks forward to a bright future assisting youth during their spiritual journeys.

Buckley Team members have the opportunity to encounter youth beginning the journey of faith and experience the joys of evangelization as they dive ever deeper into the teachings of the Church.

For more information about joining the Buckley Team, call (405) 878-5411.