Certification in Catechetics Summer Program

Learn to teach like Christ the Teacher...

Earn your Certification in Catechetics with successful completion of three summer weekend catechetical courses.

All three courses can be taken in one summer or they can be taken sequentially over a three year period. The courses run Friday evening (6pm-9pm) and all day Saturday (9am-4pm).


Course No. Course Title Date Credit Hours
TH 2211 Catechesis & God’s Pedagogy:     

An in-depth scriptural exploration of God’s method of teaching as revealed in Sacred Scripture.

Fri. June 13/Sat. June 14 1.0
TH 3211 Catechesis & the Church:     

An in-depth exploration of how the Fathers of the Church have understood and practiced catechesis.

Fri. June 20/Sat. June 21 1.0
TH 4211 Catechesis & the New Evangelization:     

An in-depth exploration of effective catechesis in the modern world

Fri. June 27/Sat. June 28 1.0

Course credits are transferable to degree programming.

Student Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the requirements for the Certification in Catechetics, the student will be able to:

  1. Describe the historical development of and critically interpret the primary symbols and beliefs of the Christian faith
  2. Articulate how the study of Scripture and theology conforms and shapes one’s attempt to live as a critically reflective disciple of Christ
  3. Integrate theological reflection and pastoral practice

Specific Goals:

While every graduate of the program should have a general knowledge of the Church’s rich catechetical tradition, and be able to utilize this tradition in new ways in their own particular ministries, there are deeper aims of the programming:

  1. Awareness of the many and varied philosophical biases and presuppositions of modern thought that prevent or hinder intellect ascent to the faith
  2. Acknowledgment and appreciation of the importance and effectiveness of the Catholic imagination, narration, and the cultivation of wonder in the evangelization effort
  3. The recovery and contemporization of scholastic dialectic as a mode of public inquiry, cultural critique, and evangelization

Cost of Program:

$200 per credit hour. The tuition includes registration, photocopies, wine and cheese social on Friday evening and continental breakfast and lunch on Saturday. Housing on campus is possible for an additional fee.      

St. Gregory’s University Certificatio­n in Catechetics effectively forms individuals how to transmit the riches of the Catholic faith in a truly ecclesial manner.  Avoiding the many and varied pitfalls of modern catechetical efforts, St. Gregory’s University programming looks to foster a model of catechesis that is imitative of God and His Church.  By examining the perennial wisdom of both sacred Scripture and Tradition, participations will learn to measure and model their own catechetical endeavors after the one true Teacher, Jesus Christ. 

This programming is ideally suited for catechist, Catholic teachers, parents, or any else interested in participating in the “new evangelization” and the revitalization of Western culture.


Blessed John Paul II and his successors, Pope-emeritus Benedict XVI and Pope Francis, have uniformly realized the pressing need to deepen the faith of the lay faithful in order that they may be that authentic light to a perpetually darkening culture.  As the secularizing tendencies of modernity threaten the possibility of human flourishing, the Popes have called for a “new evangelization” – a calling to increase and deepen one’s own faith in order to successfully engage and renew modern culture.   To this end, St. Gregory’s’ University has developed its Certification in Catechetics.  Its goal is simply to form those responsible for passing on the faith in the rich catechetical tradition of Church, so that they in turn can effectively participate in the “new evangelization”.   


Beyond training students in the mere practical skills necessary for effective catechesis, the Certification in Catechetics at St. Gregory’s University seeks to conform the catechist to Christ Himself, the one true Teacher.


tam antiqua et tam nova (ever ancient; ever new)

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