Type of Degree: 
Bachelor of Science
Average Time of Commitment/Completion: 
4 years

Mathematics is a field that is both a science and an art. As a science, mathematics has many important and interesting applications in areas, such as finance, statistics, engineering, economics, market research and the whole range of the sciences (actuarial, physical science, life, computer and social science). In its higher levels, mathematics becomes an art when one understands the interrelationship among concepts from different areas and appreciates the elegance and beauty that mathematics embodies.

At St. Gregory’s University, our 12-1 student-to-teacher ratio allows students ample opportunity to participate in discussions, to think creatively, to give their reasoning in written and verbal format and to develop their analytical skills.

Examples Of Careers/Jobs That Are Suited To This Major: 

Graduates from the St. Gregory’s mathematics program choose from a wide variety of opportunities. Some have entered graduate school and earned a master’s degree. Others have discovered a passion for teaching and found employment in high schools. All are strong competitors in the job market.

Examples Of This Major’s Core Classes: 

Calculus I; Calculus II; Calculus III; Linear Algebra; Discrete Mathematics; Introduction to Number Theory; History and Philosophy of Mathematics; Statistics; Abstract Algebra; College Geometry; Research and Technical Writing in the Sciences; Natural Science Seminar; University Physics I; and University Physics II.

Special Activities/Opportunities You’ll Experience At St. Gregory’s: 

The department also includes course offerings in Chemistry and Physics.

Our Commitment To You: 

We are proud of the fact that, wherever our mathematics graduates are, they rely on their creative thinking, quantitative reasoning, analytic and problem-solving skills that were acquired and developed in their mathematics courses at St. Gregory’s University.

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