Kristina Adams, MS

Secondary Math, Science and Education Instructor

I have been an educator since 1995 and I have continued to grow and learn as a professional educator. This is evident in the professional development programs I have chosen to participate in throughout my career and the level of professional development I provide to my colleagues across the state of Oklahoma and the nation.

My educational mission is to present my students with the passion I have for my job and to engage them and keep them excited about learning. I am an inquiry-based teacher. I believe that students learn by doing and that all students can learn no matter the subject. As a science content consultant, I provide a positive environment that encourages elementary and secondary teachers to engage students in science through hands-on based teaching methods and authentic assessment techniques of meaningful learning within the current framework of national and state science standards. I encourage teachers to observe various teaching techniques, to communicate best practices with each other, to bring a positive energy to their students and to reflect on their practice. I have taught every science course offered at the junior high, high school levels and undergraduate physics in higher education. These experiences allow me to help teachers not only with various approaches to topics but also with content and cross curriculum activities that are consistent with state and national objectives in science.

In addition, I have participated in several programs (Lesson Study and Integrated Math Biology Partnership with Rutgers University) over the years, which involve writing curriculum in line with national and state science standards. These programs relied on teachers working collaboratively on lesson development, implementation and assessment. Each program was data driven using lesson assessment to rewrite or enhance lessons developed. I pursue enriching opportunities to keep me abreast of current local and national trends in education. I am committed to teacher growth and developing professional partnerships. I enjoy research and the sharing of data to inform decisions which will increase overall school performance.

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