Teacher Education Association

The Student Oklahoma Education Association (SOEA) was chartered in the fall 2009. In 2011, the name was changed to the Teacher Education Association (TEA) to include all local professional organizations. The TEA meets monthly, with unit faculty, to discuss upcoming events both internally and externally.

At least once each semester the TEA invites representatives from the professional organizations or other professionals to provide professional development. In the spring 2015, the Oklahoma Teacher of the Year spoke to TEA members.

The TEA is represented in the university Student Government Association and sponsors service projects, both within the university and in the community. They annually judge a speech contest for middle level students at St. Eugene’s Catholic school and participate with P-12 students and their parents at the SGU Community Christmas Festival. One candidate serves on the Teacher Education Council, usually the current president, and reports back to the TEA regarding pertinent information gained there.