Concurrent Sessions

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Concurrent Session I

Group 1A
Bo Bonner, Ph.D., &
Bud Marr, Ph.D.
Nurses in the War of All Against All: Why Giving Alternatives to Hobbes Helps Save Lives
Danny Doughan, Ph.D. Fitting the Physical Sciences into a Liberal Arts Education: A Chemistry Perspective
Joshua E. Young, Ph.D., &
David Potter, Ph.D.
Relational Rhetoric in the Basic Communication Classroom: Encouraging Students to take their Civic Duties Seriously
Group 1B
Jason Fugikawa, Ph.D. Benedictine Education and Temporal Freedom
Anamaria Scaperlanda-Biddick The Role of the Practical Arts in Human Flourishing
Brian Jones Wendell Berry, Liberal Arts, and the Quest for Place
Group 1C
John Macias, Ph.D. The Goal of a Liberal Arts Education Amidst Contemporary Social Structures: The Case of Frodo Baggins
Marcel Brown, Ph.D. O, the Inhumanities!
Robert Russell, Ph.D. The Apprentices’ Library, the do-it-yourself Liberal-Arts Education and the ‘Benedict Option.’
Group 1D
Ms. Lisa Zarrella "Feeling some Kind of Goodbye": How the fall of Holden Caulfield in the Catcher in the Rye reflects the decline of Liberal Arts, the Degeneration of Leisure, and the Effect of Industrial Revolution
Veronica A Arntz Leisure and the University: Rejecting the Habits of the Workaday World
Gerald Murphy Leisure and Labor in the Life of Jesus and its Implications for Education

Concurrent Session II

Group 2A
Rev. George E. Schultz Job Preparedness or Life Preparedness, the Catholic Social Encyclicals and Good Work
Michael Fagge, Ph.D. Aimless Labor: How the Useless as the Condition for the Possibility of the Useful
Andre Valdivia Reading Josef Pieper’s Leisure: The Basis of Culture in the Digital Age
Group 2B
Dan Guernsey, Ph.D. Transcendentals for Teens: Reintegrating the Liberal Arts into Catholic Schools
Brett Bertucio, Ph.D. Reading Josef Pieper’s Leisure: The Basis of Culture in the Digital Age Whither the Liberally Educated Teacher?: Historical and Philosophical Reflections on Teacher Formation
Christina M. Strafaci Children Learn What They Live: On the Role of Domestic Monasticism for the Catholic University
Group 2C
Angela Franks, Ph.D. A Body of Work: Labor and Culture in the Thought of Karol Wojtyła / John Paul II
Patrick Powers, Ph.D. Education and Formation in the Arts and Sciences of Leisure and Labor
Charlotte Ostermann Education for Freedom

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