Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

The mission of the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics is to develop students' skills in problem-solving and analyzing situations using the tools of Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Kinesiology. The disciplines represented in the department seek to develop balance in a student's educational experience through the integration of the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains of learning.

Through the disciplines of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics provides students with the tools to better satisfy their curiosities about the macrocosm around them and microcosms within them. Students in the Biomedical Sciences major are prepared to further their education in medical school, pharmacy school, or in careers in the health industry, while students in the Biology major pursue paths in wildlife management, environmental sciences, or graduate degrees in Biology.

Through the discipline of Kinesiology, the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics provides students with a quality learning environment aimed at developing professionals in areas related to Exercise and Sport Science. The Kinesiology major of Exercise Science is perfect for individuals who are interested in physical therapy, athletic training, cardiac rehabilitation, or sports medicine. Meanwhile, the Fitness and Health Promotion program is aimed at students who want to become personal trainers, coaches, or work in the wellness industry.

Through the discipline of Mathematics, the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics gives students the opportunity to discover both the precision and the beauty present in the algorithms that define our existence. Mathematics has many important and interesting applications in areas such as finance, statistics, engineering, economics, market research, and science.

When Mathematics and Science are approached as tools for design, they capture beautiful concepts and forms. They go far beyond the utilitarian and become art, allowing students to understand the interrelationship among concepts from different areas and appreciate the elegance and beauty of the world around them.

Our students are given ample opportunity to think creatively, to develop their analytical skills, and to participate in discussions in which they learn to give their reasoning in both written and verbal formats.

Our graduates rely on the creative thinking, quantitative reasoning, analytic abilities, and problem-solving skills they acquired and developed while at St. Gregory's University.

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Department Faculty

Don Skinner-Noble, PhD – Assistant Professor

Mary Ann Stevens – Associate Professor Emeritus

Kristina Adams – Instructor

Rev. Charles Buckley, O.S.B. - Professor

Dany Doughan, PhD – Associate Professor

Amanda Kashwer, PhD. - Assistant Professor, Program Chair

Brent Raisley, PhD - Assistant Professor