Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences

St. Gregory’s Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences approaches the study of psychology, sociology, political science, criminal justice and communications in the context of the whole person, with the goal of empowering our students to make a difference wherever they live and work.

Each student works closely with his or her professors to create a degree plan that is specifically tailored to the individual’s interests and goals. We also emphasize internships, which give students the opportunity to work in their chosen fields and receive invaluable real-world experience.

Future professionals can learn in community health centers and social service agencies, as well as state and national government offices, often providing valuable networking resources and employment opportunities upon graduation.

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Department Faculty

Ron Faulk, PhD – Professor

Melody Harrington, M.Ed, LPC – Associate Professor

Vickie Jean, PhD – Assistant Professor, Department Chair

Rev. Joachim Spexarth, O.S.B. – Instructor

Madeline Rugh, PhD – Assistant Professor

Joshua Young, PhD - Assistant Professor