Department of Theology and Philosophy

By opening and engaging the mind and the heart to the true and the good, the study and practice of theology and philosophy helps students understand themselves, their world and their Creator, both through reason and revelation.

The Department of Theology and Philosophy at St. Gregory's University is dedicated to the core principles of a Catholic and Liberal Arts education, which seek to educate the whole person, intellectually, morally and spiritually. We encourage independent thinking and sound reasoning grounded in the love of truth, and we look to the perennial wisdom of the ages for guidance and inspiration.

We recognize both the harmony of faith and reason, as well as that of theory and practice, and therefore, seek to inspire our students to know, love and serve God—and to love their neighbors as themselves. Whatever varied professions or vocations our graduates may pursue, the tools and skills acquired through the study of theology and philosophy will become life-long companions in their quest to live lives of balance, generosity and integrity.

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Department Faculty

Anthony Coleman, PhD – Assistant Professor

Jason Fugikawa, PhD - Assistant Professor, Department Chair

Sr. Marcianne Kappes - Professor Emertius

Richard Meloche, PhD – Associate Professor

Alexander Schimpf, PhD - Assistant Professor