Partners In Learning

There comes a time in everyone’s life when he or she needs a helping hand—a partner who can provide inspiration and understanding and who can give the realistic answers that are needed to scale that mountain ahead. At St. Gregory’s, we believe it is the right of every student to ask for help, and to receive that help in a constructive, caring manner.

That is why we’re proud to present our Partners In Learning program.

Partners In Learning is a unique educational experience that provides specialized, individual attention to help students better manage the learning, concentration and cognitive-based aspects of academic success. In short, it takes a “life skills coach” approach to higher learning.

Because of Partners In Learning, all students, including those with disabilities such as AD/HD, LD, Asperger’s and Intellectual Disabilities, are able to pursue their academic and personal dreams. Through an interactive, collaborative effort, PIL utilizes faculty, staff and campus resources to enhance a student’s learning experience and to facilitate personal development.

The PIL Process

The PIL staff begins every partnership by creating an individualized plan with identified goals and objectives. This plan takes into account a student’s individual academic needs, while providing social and emotional support. Together with a St. Gregory’s counselor, the student then works on specific learning skills, strategies or behaviors while in both individual and group settings.

Through the PIL program, students have access to specialized software and equipment beyond that which is generally provided, and receive individual counseling and mentoring with particular attention paid to transitional issues, disability-related matters, career exploration and study skills.

Collaboration with other campus services (Academic Success Center, Disability Services, Counseling Center) is also a cornerstone of the program.

As a student progresses, all of his or her learning partners adjust their approaches in accordance with the student’s needs. Progress is carefully tracked so that necessary changes can be quickly identified and beneficial patterns of behavior encouraged.

St. Gregory’s commitment to Catholic Benedictine tradition ensures all of our students, including individuals with disabilities, are welcomed and fully integrated into campus life. Participation in residential activities, student government, athletics, drama, music or other activities is available and enriches and invites new interests beyond the classroom.

The Catholic Benedictine value system stresses attentiveness, service and integrity, and we are committed to students with all types of learning styles and needs.


The Partners In Learning program is available to:

  • Any student with or without a disability; non-St. Gregory's students (workshops)
  • Students as a means of alternate admissions to St. Gregory's (case-by-case)
  • Incoming and/or transfer students with appropriate, adequate documentation of the disability and its functional impact(s)

The Application Process

PIL students pay an additional fee for the program each semester. Any student who wants to utilize the services to support or enhance his/her learning may apply.

ALL SERVICES: $3,000/semester

A LA CARTE: per service(s) identified; total of choice(s) never to exceed total of ‘all servcies’
Notetaking - a higher level and quality of notes via assistive technology, review with/by instructors and computer-based to individualize means of access to and use of the notes.
- COST: Free

Workshops/Seminars (not offered as a course) - content experts presenting to a small group to allow for individualized instruction, conversation and easy access to the presentors.
- COST: Adults: $50/workshop; Under 18: $25/workshop (If the workshop/seminar is also offered as a course then the tuition rates apply, i.e. HU 1111 and HU 1121)

One-on-One - individual instruction on skills, strategies and resources to enhance learning; assistance with managing transition, individual responsibility and administrative processes to meet expectations/requirements; counseling regarding disability, career exploration and other needs; and ongoing monitoring, management and support (“life skills coach”).
- COST: $1,500/semester for weekly meetings; $3,000/semester for unlimited services

Coordination and Collaboration - close interaction with faculty, advisors and other campus services (e.g., Academic Success Center) to address existing needs.
- COST: included as part of One-on-One

Assistive Technology - access to and use of specialized assistive technology (AT).
- COST: Free

Additional Assistance and Information

Academic Success Center Disability Services ADA Compliance

Non-discrimination Policy St. Gregory’s University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, disability, religion, age, or veteran status in its education or employment programs or activities. Inquiries concerning the University’s compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and the Age Discrimination Act of 1975 may be referred to the University’s coordinator [aforementioned] or to the U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, at

Anne Machado
Partners in Learning Coordinator