How do I know I'll be able to afford to repay my student loans in the career I have chosen?

You can never be sure of the future, but you can prepare now for the likelihood that the field of employment you are seeking will or will not be adequate to support you during your repayment term. It is never too early to plan your career and then pursue your education within a reasonable budget.

To help you determine the current demand and median salary for your desired future employment, or to see if this field is the "best fit" for you, you may consult Career Ship or a similar online job prospecting website to help answer some of the questions you may have regarding the demand for the job, the requirements, and the approximate salary both nationwide and within your state. After you have calculated your potential loan debt upon graduation, plug the figures into a loan calculator to determine your approximate monthly payment. Then, use this figure in a budget calculator using your prospective future earnings.