What if I have received financial aid and I have to withdraw from school during the term?

If you must withdraw before the end of the semester, the Financial Aid Services will conduct a Title IV return calculation, whereby the amount of aid you have not "earned" during your enrollment must be returned to the program(s) from which it disbursed in accordance with the university’s federally mandated return policy. This amount is jointly shared by the university and the student, and is based on your official withdrawal date or the date on which you last attended class.

Failure to notify the Office of Registrar of your change in enrollment may constitute an earlier withdrawal date than actually occurred if your attendance cannot be properly verified, resulting in a greater return of funds. You will also need to consult the Registrar’s Office Policy of Withdrawal concerning the amount of tuition and fees you are eligible to have refunded. In the event you withdraw after the fourth week of class, you may not receive any refund of tuition.

Be aware that Federal Student Aid may not cover all unpaid institutional charges upon withdrawal. You should take into consideration your financial responsibility to the institution, federal programs and your lender prior to making your final decision.

Please consult Financial Aid Services if you would like to be provided an estimate of earned Title IV Aid and/or amount of return of Title IV aid for which you may be responsible.