Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts
Type of Degree: 
Bachelor of Arts
Average Time of Commitment/Completion: 
4 years

Instead of focusing on one field of study, Liberal Arts majors at St. Gregory’s take a variety of Humanities courses. These classes may include English, Philosophy, History, Theology, Theatre, Art, Dance, Music and Foreign Languages.

Because Liberal Arts majors have so much freedom when choosing courses, they are able to focus on what interests them. If they enjoy Philosophy courses, they can take them. If they would prefer to take something else, they can do so. This makes each student’s degree plan extremely individualized—you choose what is right for you.

Students majoring in Liberal Arts gain a sense of the big picture. Rather than becoming narrowly specialized, they develop different facets of themselves. Thus, they are knowledgeable in more than one area and become well-balanced, informed citizens.

Examples Of Careers/Jobs That Are Suited To This Major: 

professional writer, librarian, university scholar, teacher, publisher, public relations, law

Examples Of This Major’s Core Classes: 

Modern Philosophy, Creative Writing, World History, Survey of Art History, Introduction to Photography

Special Activities/Opportunities You’ll Experience At St. Gregory’s: 

At St. Gregory’s, you will be able to develop your creativity and your natural talents. In our Tradition and Conversation seminars, you will read and discuss the great classics of Western Civilization, from Gilgamesh to Martin Luther King’s speeches. This will give you the broad knowledge needed to be a truly educated person.

You can publish your creative works in the college anthology, and even help edit it. You can become involved in theatre, and act in or help produce interesting plays. You can join the university choir, play one of our sports or become a dancer. Because we strive to produce well-rounded graduates, Liberal Arts majors fit right in at St. Gregory’s.

Our Commitment To You: 

Our excellent 12/1 student-to-teacher ratio allow us to give every student individual attention. Your ideas and your reading and writing skills will receive the utmost attention and development at St. Gregory’s.

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English, History, Philosophy, Theology, Theatre, Dance, Visual Arts