Counseling Psychology

Counseling Psychology
Type of Degree: 
Master of Arts
Required Credits: 
36 hours
Average Time of Commitment/Completion: 
1.5 - 2 years

The MA in Counseling Psychology (36 hours) emphasizes the following across most of its classes: helping individuals and families from diverse faiths and cultures especially those common to the central US; helping the suffering and grieving and those faced with end-of-life challenges; and working in clinically responsible ways. Because the courses in the MA in Counseling Psychology are derived from those required for the MA leading to a professional license, the Counseling program provides rigorous training in the techniques and theories of counseling and in human development.

Students admitted to, or graduates of this degree, may apply to the 60 credit MA in Counseling Psychology to complete the courses required to take the licensing exam.

Examples Of Careers/Jobs That Are Suited To This Major: 

The degree is designed to meet the needs of those who wish to work in counseling, mental health, public health, and other community-service careers as well as special care providers, and others.

Examples Of This Major’s Core Classes: 
  • PSYC 5013 Human Development
  • PSYC 5113 Personality Theories
  • PSYC 5223 Psychopathology
  • PSYC 5323 Cognitive Assessment
  • PSYC 5423 Personality and Pathology Assessment
  • PSYC 5523 Individual Counseling Theories and Techniques
  • PSYC 5313 Professional Orientation and Ethics
Special Activities/Opportunities You’ll Experience At St. Gregory’s: 

The program is designed so you can continue to work while earning your Master's degree.

  • Summers are free of course work
  • Complete three courses per semester
  • Classes meet two nights a week in 16 week sessions
  • Summer Practicums
Our Commitment To You: 

St. Gregory's University is committed to excellence in education through a faculty and staff dedicated to a quality learning experience that ensures the ultimate success of our graduates.

Designed for working professionals, the programs of our College for Continuing Studies emphasize the foundational values and ethical leadership essential to success in today's diverse society and expanding workplace. Coursework integrates ethics, critical thinking, problem solving, technology, and teamwork to form a critical base of knowledge and skills.

A degree from St. Gregory's University is valued and recognized throughout business and academic communities.

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